February 18, 2018 - April 14, 2018

Botany Season

Botany Season Badge

Botany is the study of plants. Plants are living organisms that create their own energy using sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. For this reason they are known as producers. There are over 300,000 species of plants worldwide! Plants include towering trees, breathtakingly beautiful flowers and curious insect-eaters such as the venus flytrap (native only to North Carolina!).

Botany Fun Fact

The North Carolina state tree is the longleaf pine and the state flower is the flowering dogwood.

More Botany Tips

Click on the resources below to learn more about plants:

Botany resource apps:

  • Audubon Trees
  • Audubon Wildflowers
  • Leaf Snap
  • vTree

Botany Challenge

  1. Find a plant in the wild, and submit an observation onto your online account at ecoexplore.net.
  2. Collect a portion of the plant including the leaves (ensure you do this in a place collecting a plant is  permitted; avoid poisonous or rare plants)
  3. Press the Plant. Place the plant between sheets of newspaper and place beneath a heavy book for 2 days.

Be sure to bring your pressed plant to Mountain Science Expo on April 14th. Our Botany Science Mentor, Jo-Anne McCoy will teach you how to make a real vouchered specimen.

Science Mentor

Dr. Joe-Ann McCoy, The North Carolina Arboretum’s Germplasm Repository

Botany Science Mentor

Dr. McCoy currently serves as the director and founder of The North Carolina Arboretum Germplasm Repository, a research institute focused on collecting and maintaining a comprehensive seed bank for the long-term conservation of North Carolina’s native, medicinal and traditional food species. She also serves on advisory boards for the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia, American Botanical Council and the Ardeal Research institute. Dr. McCoy holds a Ph.D. in plant physiology from Clemson University and has been published in more than a dozen journals related to plant sciences, including the International Journal of Medicinal Plants and the American Journal of Plant Sciences.

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