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Herpetology Season

ecoEXPLORE slithers into Herpetology Season!

  • Earn a bonus point for each Share of a reptile or amphibian you submit.
  • Learn about herpetology and the ecoEXPLORE program at local libraries.
  • Join us for two bio-blitzes, one at our new MegaSpot, Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary and another at the Pink Beds in Pisgah National Forest.
  • Earn your Herpetology Badge!
    • Submit three shares of any organisms.
    • Complete the Herpetology Challenge by submitting an observation of a reptile or amphibian to the Carolina Herp Atlas.
    • Join us for an invite to special ecoEXPLORER-only programs during Box Turtle Day on June 10 and receive free parking at The North Carolina Arboretum for the entire event. Plus, join us for our second Lunch with a Scientist event!
    • Meet Herpetologists Ann Somers and learn how to measure, mark and track box turtles using radiotelemetry!
Earlier Event: April 8
2017 Mountain Science Expo
Later Event: April 27
EXPLORING Reptiles and Amphibians